Envisioned Comfort


Chaise longue Envisioned Comfort

in collaboration with Marija Puipaitė

One of us had a fantasy about an object that could bring a womb-like pleasure, meaning - the ultimate satisfaction that the material environment can give. We merged our two different design practices into one object taking this fantasy as a starting point.

Such abstract mode of thinking, we found, allows to erase what we know about domestic objects and opens up the possibility for re-thinking and re-creating them. 

However, the same way the mind gives a clear body to the fantasy by restraining, the construction defines and forms a fluid shape into an ergonomic entity.

The concept was first presented at the exhibition La Terrasse Vol. 4 - Fantasy, curated by Erez Nevi Pana during the Dutch Design Week 2017.

Now a finalized chaise longue is being presented at Milan Design Week 2018 as a part of Ventura Future project, in the Loreto district at FuturDome, the former meeting place of the Futurist movement.

Picture by Vytautas Narkevičius